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Neuigkeiten / News


17.03.2018 23rd Int.Dogshow KV Rijnland, NL

Montego Blue surprised us with a meteoric rise into the new Show-Season.

Under judge Mrs. Bakker-v.d. Woestijne, NL, he achieved in Champion Class Exc1, CAC, CACIB, BOB.

He was awarded BEST MALE, too.

Within the Ring of Honor he was selected to the last 7 dogs by judge Mr. Alcrudo from Spain.

Receiving the CAC we now will apply for the Dutch Champion title.

Thank You "DreamTeam" and well done.


02.03.2018 Lovely News from Belgium

We are pregnant...


27.02.2018 Lovely News from Lithuania

We are pregnant..



26.02.2018 Health Info from Norway

We are proud about following X-Ray results:

Secret Spell av Vikholmen (F) :Hips B(free) Elbows 00
Secret Stranger av Vikholmen (M): Hips AA Elbows 00


02.02.2018 Eindhoven Dog Show

Great News from the Netherlands. Hautesse Catch me if you can (Medusa) finished ZG1 in Intermediate Class.

Goed zo !

We're very proud about the little cutie....


29.01.2018 Ooops - he did it again

 Secret Scandal av Vikholmen did go Winners dog twice and also Best of Winners Sunday at the Grayslake Dog Show, IL.

We're proud again!


18.01.2018 From the Kid in America

Great News from Winnebago County, Wisconsin USA!

At the Winnegamie Dogshow, Oshkosh (WI), the son of ER, Se, WW Montego Blue, Secret Scandal av Vikholmen (called Hawk), achieved both days BOB !

With this, Hawk now has ten 1 points and three 3 points majors towards his Champion title.

We are excited about this News and happy with the owner and the breeder.

And Daddy is proud of course.

19.11.2017 Newsflash from Norway

At the Norwegian Winner Show Montego Blue's wife Dustin Dream av Vikholmen became Norwegian Winner '17 and his daughter Secret Spell av Vikholmen achieved Norwegian Junior Winner '17. In addition his daughter Starlight av Vikholmen achieved Exc.2 in Junior Class.

Daddy and family are very proud.

Congratulations to our norwegian friends.

08.11.2017 & 11.11.2017 GWS & WDS Leipzig (DE)

The "Blue Brother's" attended the Dog Shows "GERMAN WINNER SHOW" (GWS) and the "WORLD DOG SHOW" (WDS) in Leipzig.

Both days they started in Champion Class together.

For the first time Volker handled Ontario Blue in the ring completely!

On the 8th of November, the team achieved following results under judge Mr. Özkanal from Turkey:

ER, Se Montego Blue Exc.4, handled by our friend Kati Mende.

Ch.(DE) Ontario Blue Exc, handled by Volker.

 The same day, Montego Blue's daughter Secret Spell av Vikholmen was awarded GERMAN YOUTH WINNER !

Huge Congratulations to our norwegian friend Ada!

Having a two days rest in Leipzig, we decided to "conquer" the city of Merseburg with our Belgians.


From left ro right: Rania d'Aquivelt, Montego Blue, Ontario Blue, Secret Spell, Playgirl.

Both black girls are from Ada's kennel "Vikholmen".


On the 11th of November it was Show Time @ the World Dog Show!

10 European Champions had been entered in Champion Class Tervueren Males.

Judge Mr. Rui Oliveira from Portugal decided to place

Ontario Blue with Volker Exc.3 !!


Montego Blue with Lena Exc.1 !! 

For the CAC and CACIB Mr. Oliveira choose Montego Blue to be the male Tervueren Winner and therefore to be


Volker and I apoligize for screaming but not for our tears of joy!

Finally Montego Blue was also awarded BOS!


I am unbelievable proud about my beautiful Boy's and my Team!

I also would like to THANK YOU Kati Mende, Ada and Kjersti for all your help and a very good time!

2017 ended with a real firework by the "Blue Brother's".


05.11.2017 Int. Dogshow Bleiswijk (NL)

On Sunday the 5th, the "Blue Brother's" visited the Dogshow in Bleiswijk (NL). They spend some beautiful hours with friends and they could experience  the judging of Mr. Habig, DE.

ER, Se Montego Blue achieved Exc.1 in Champion Class and got RCAC and CACIB.

Ch.(DE) Ontario Blue achieved Exc.1 in Open Class.

Lena and Volker did a great job again. Thank you.

11.10.2017 X-Ray result

We're proud to notice the excellent X-Ray result from Montego Blue's son HURRICANE DES SAUTEURS BELGES.

Result is HD: A2 ED 0/0


  07.10.2017 "Blue Brother's" in Zwolle, NL

The "Blue Brother's" visited the IJSSELSHOW 2017 in Zwolle. Under judge Mr. Paul Jentgen (LU) they could finish with following results:

ONTARIO BLUE in Open Class EXC1, RCAC and RCACIB. MONTEGO BLUE in Champion Class EXC1, CAC, CACIB and BOB. 

Lena (with Montego Blue)  and Volker (with Ontario Blue) did a great job. Thank You.


06.10.2017 X-Ray result

We're proud to notice the excellent X-Ray result from Montego Blue's daughter HELIA DES SAUTEURS BELGES.

Result is HD: A1 ED 0/0

30.09.2017 DKBS Autumn Speciality, Gelsenkichen


It was a rainy Saturday in Gelsenkirchen, where the DKBS Autumn Speciality Show took place. ER, Se Montego Blue vom Egelschütz (Champion Class - 9 entries) and Ontario Blue vom Egelschütz (Open Class - 18 entries) had been entered. Rania d’Aquivelt (Chief Tent Guard) and Nashville de Laqhorna (Assistant Tent Guard) enjoyed a long, rainy day, too.

 The honorable judge at this show for male TV was Mrs. Catherine Bond from GB.

ER, Se Montego Blue vom Egelschütz was placed Exc1, RCAC amongst 9 Champion’s ! Ontario Blue vom Egelschütz finished Exc in Open Class.


To complete a successfull day, ER, Se Montego Blue vom Egelschütz won the title
I am very very proud about my boys and the entire Team!


16.09.2017 BSB Autumn Speciality, Göttingen

We enjoyed a beautiful day with old and new friends in Göttingen. The BSB Autumn Special was nicely organized and the weather was fine.

Montego Blue started in Champion Class and finished Exc2and Res.CAC under judge Mr. Althoff, DE.

His daughter "Medusa" (Hautesse Catch me if you can) started due whatever mistake in Open Class instead of Intermediate and got a very nice result with VG2. We would like to THANK Liek Peeters for joining us and showing the charming "bitch".


20.08.2017 N.E. CFCBB Aubigny s/ Nere, France

De grands résultats en France ....

Montego Blue and Rania attended the Nationale d'Elevage of the the french Belgian Shepherd Club in Aubigny s/ Nere, France.

At no event throughout Europe you will see so many Special Judges (being there privately) and Breeders in one place. 670 entries of Belgians speak for themselve. In addition we could meet many friends from all over Europe again.

Montego Blue started with the french Character Test C.S.A.U. and passed this one with an Exc. Afterwards he also passed the french shooting Test, TAN, and finished Exc, too.  Happiness....


10 Champions from all over Europe had been entered in Champion Class. 

 I asked Lydia Mulders if she would handle Montego Blue in the Ring. She did.

And how she did  - Lydia did a tremendous "Job" in the ring and finally they were placed 4th by the judges Mrs. Mclaren from the UK and Mrs. Varlet from France.

This was totally unexpected - and for reason the most beautiful moment from all shows I attended ever!



 And finally it was Rania, who really surprised me and made me speechless. 

Rania was entered for the C.A.N.T. - a social test for Belgians upto 18 months old, working with real (!) sheep's.

My little Princess did an outstanding job with the flock of sheep's and was awared TRES BON APTE - the highest possible result of this test.

WOW ! 

It was then time for cuddling with Sabine.

I am totally happy about this great results and would like to Thank All, who helped me to experience this beautiful moments!


11.06.2017 Great News from Norway

Montego Blue's daughter Starlight av Vikholmen was shown in Drammen today. Under judge Paul Lawless (IE) she was placed first in Junior Class and best Junior. Well done Hanna and Troya - Daddy Montego Blue and all others are very proud.


04.06.2017  43rd Pinkstershow Venray, NL

Just for info: Venray is near Venlo (NL). :-) Montego Blue attended the Pinkstershow of the KC Arnhem and

finished EXC2 in Champion Class. Judge was Mr. de Gids from the Netherlands.

Thanks to the team for another excellent job.


27.05.2017 BSD Speziale Magdeburg

Under judge Beata Stybrova (CZ), Montego Blue achieved EXC1 and the Res.CAC in Champion Class.

His son Hurricane des Sauteurs Belges achieved VG 2 in Youth Class.

Lena, Daniel and Volker achieved EXC S - Excellent Sunburned  :-)

Thank you all for the great results on a hot sunny day.


20.05.2017 Welcome Rania

 Hola, que tal ?!

The spanish Lady finally joins our team - Rania D'AQUIVELT from Toledo, Spain. 

We would like to THANK Pedro and his family for their trust and to let Rania 

move to our home in Germany.

We are totally happy and do look forward to a fantastic time together.


23.04.2017 BSB Special Club Show, Neudrossenfeld (DE)

 Without Mummy Doris, being ill at home, and Lena, attending a family event, Montego Blue and Volker went to Neudrossenfeld, Bavaria.

With the outstanding help of our friend Kati Mende, Montego Blue achieved Exc 2 and the Res.CAC.

First time judging of a special Clubshow by Mr. Dreßler, DE.


23.04.2017 Again great News from Norway

Ooops - they did it again.... At the NKK INT Show Bergen today, the two siblings from Junior class

achieved Exc CC CAC and BOB for Secret Stranger av Vikholmen (TV)  and Exc CC CAC BOS for Secret Spell av Vikholmen (GR). 

Daddy Montego Blue and the rest of the family are very proud about this results.

08.04.2017 News from Norway

At the NMHK Nat. Show Rogaland,  Secret Spell av Vikholmen achieved EXC, CAC,  BOB junior and BOB.

Well done Mia - we are very proud.


19.03.2017 22. Dogshow K.V. Rijnland, NL

 Sunday morning, 6 o'clock, driving to Hazerswoude-Dorp, NL, for a show - you need to be crazy to do so :-) .

In between the journeys from home and back home, the boys attended in Champion class both.

Under judge Mrs. Onstenk-Schenk they were awarded with Exc.2 for Montego Blue and Exc.1 for Ontario Blue. Ontario Blue also received the RCAC and RCACIB.

Well done, Blue Brother's. :-)


04.03.2017 Martini Dogshow, Groningen NL

This year we started in Groningen at the Martini Dogshow. Montego Blue did not want to work on Saturday, therefore only Ontario Blue had to get up early (we heard, that Montego Blue was in bed until 11.30 h). Ontario Blue was shown for the second time in Champion Class and achieved an Exc.2 under judge Mrs. Pauline Stern-Hanf from the Netherlands. This was a great result and we were very happy.


27.02.2017 News from Norway

It was with great pleasure that we received the news from Norway about the great results of Dustin's and Montego Blue's children.

Secret Spell av Vikholmen (GR) and Secret Stranger av Vikholmen (TV) both achieved BOB at the National Show NHK. Secret Spell also achieved

BIG 4. Secret Stranger was shown for the very first time!

Congratulations to the owners in Norway. We are very proud & happy.


19.01.2017 Austria Champion

 As of 19.01.2017 ER, Se Montego Blue vom Egelschütz is official Austrian Champion, too.

Holladriiiihoooooo... :-)


08.01.2017 Happy Birthday Montego Blue

Today we celebrate Montego Blue's 5th birthday. We are very happy and hope, that we will have more beautiful years with him.

It is a bittersweet day because of the loss of Shana (Karo vom Egelschütz) exactly 5 years ago.

Happy Birthday my love....


19.12.2016 News from our Offspring's

We are very proud about the results of our Offspring's, which they achieved last weekend.

Hurricane des Sauteurs Belges won VV3 in Oer-Erkenschwick. We would like to thank the "Berlin Gang"

very much for coming the long way to show Hurricane. Unfortunately we did not have enough time for them due to known reasons.

Medusa (Hautesse Catch me if you can) won VP2 at the Kerstshow in Gorinchem, NL. Well done by Liek and Remco.


17.12.2016 DKBS Advent Show, DE-Oer Erkenschwick

The last show of the year 2016. Montego Blue was on holidays already, but Ontario Blue wanted to correct the result from Wels.

For the very first time he started in Champion Class under judge Mrs. Böhi-Wenger from Switzerland.

His result was Exc.1 and Res. CAC. Mission completed and holiday season started.

I am very happy about this great result.

We wish all our friends a merry Christmas and all the best for 2017.

Looking forward to see you next year again.

Ontario BlueOntario Blue

10.+11.12.2016 Double CACIB Wels, Austria

It was a girlies weekend in Wels again.

On Saturday, Ontario Blue started in Open Class but was weakend from a beginning stomach intestinal virus which we did not foresee before leaving. Therefore he felt very uncomfortable in the ring and got a G by judge Mr.Hindse from Denmark. We decided to not show Ontario Blue the second day, but to give him a rest and medical treatment after a hard night he had with his stomach. Montego Blue Saturday won with Exc1, CACA, CACIB and BOB. On Sunday Montego Blue made it again with Exc1, CACA, CACIB and BOB under judge Mrs. Müller from Switzerland. He finally was placed 4th in the ring of honor.

 Thank you Lena for all your help.


11.12.2016 Amsterdam Winner Show

 We are happy to hear from Amsterdam, that Montego's daughter Medusa (Hautesse Catch me if you can) made it VP1 and Best Puppy. In addition she was selected amongst the best 10 puppies in the ring honor.


19.11.2016 Norwegian Winner Show

Beautiful news from Norway! Montego Blue's daughter Troya (Starlight av Vikholmen) won BOB and a Honor Price under judge D.Spruyt from Belgium. Daddy Montego Blue is very proud.

17.11.2016 German Champion (VDH) Ontario Blue vom Egelschütz

Almost exactly 2 years after Montego Blue, "Junior" Ontario Blue was honored with the title "German Champion" by the VDH (the german kennel club). He only needed 3 shows to complete the needed 5 entitlements. Terrific!

I am very proud on him!!

Ontario BlueOntario Blue 

05./06.11.2016 International Dogshow Bleiswijk

Daddy Montego Blue, Mummy Selena (Hautesse All you can dream of), daughter Medusa (Hautesse Catch me if you can) and uncle Ontario Blue spent a succesfull weekend in Hazerswoude-Dorp in the Netherlands.

On Saturday the family achieved great results under judge Mrs. de Wit-Bazelmans from the Netherlands:

Daddy in Champion class Exc.1, CAC, CACIB and the BOB; Mummy in Open class Exc.1 and the reserve CAC and CACIB, daughter a very promising and Best Puppy and uncle an Exc.2 in Open class.

On Sunday Montego Blue and Ontario Blue both were awarded Exc.1 in their classes. Montego Blue got an reserve CAC and CACIB, too.

A happy family!


30.10.2016 IZH Hannover 

The Blue Brother's had a very sucessfull sunday in Hanover.

Under judge Mr. Kliebenstein, D, Montego Blue achieved in Champion Class an Exc.1. Ontario Blue did the same in Open Class.

Therefore both boys stood against each other for the CACIB.  Montego Blue won the CAC and the CACIB and Ontario Blue was awarded the Reserve CAC and CACIB.

Finally Montego Blue  was granted the BOB.

In the ring of honor Montego Blue was selected amongst the final 9 out of 37 dogs.

We will now apply the title "German Champion VDH" for Ontario Blue.

 Blue Brother's
Blue Brother's


02.10.2016 DKBS Autumn Speciality, Hoym


We look back very proud and happy to successful days with nice results. Also 3 offsprings out of 2 different kennels had been entered for the first time to the show, which made it very special for me.



As it was a club show, we could enter an offspring group after Montego Blue. They were placed 3rd. in the offspring tournament. It was a moment full of joy to see Montego and his kids together as a group in the ring.

Montego Blue and his offspringMontego Blue and his offspring
„Hurricane des Sauteurs Belges“, „Hatice des Sauteurs Belges“ and „Hautesse Catch me if you can“ started very successful and very promising in Baby Class and got nice judge reports from the judge, Mrs.
Kay Morris (GB).
We would like to thank
Burgit Lindemann (Kennel des Sauteurs Belges), Anna-Lena Lindemann-Kutscher, Liek Peeters (Kennel Hautesse) and Birgit Bauske-Schiller very much to show Montego's offsprings and allow us this very special moment.


Since Monday, the 3rd of October 2016, female dogs, entering our property, must be very careful :-). There are now two offical studmales hanging around.

He passed the DKBS behavior test and recieved his breeding approval with an Exc.

Ontario BlueOntario Blue

Many thanks, hugs and kisses to all our friends who made this weekend a very special one.



36e CAC/CACIB Dogshow te Maastricht


We are very proud to hear the result of Montego Blue's daughter  "Hautesse Catch me if you can" (Medusa) from the Dogshow in Maastricht.

Medusa achieved a VP1 in Puppy Class  under judge Mrs. M.Vermeire (BE) AND was placed No. 4 in the ring of honor !!

Montego Blue, Doris and all others here are flashed !! Well done !


21.08.2016 German Winner Show, Leipzig


We enjoyed a beautiful afternoon and evening with nice friends, before we attended the GW Show on Sunday in Leipzig.

Montego Blue was placed EXC 2 by judge Mrs. Böhi-Wenger from Switzerland.

Well done big boy....


10.07.2016 Hot, hotter - Meisdorf


We visited the 2nd National Dog Meeting in Meisdorf.

It was a beautiful hot sunday - perfect for an Open Air Show in a nice park area at the Castle Meisdorf.

Montego Blue was fully awake and won the Champion class and - it was sunday again - also the CAC and the BOB.

A great result and time for nice discussions with friends whilst waiting for the Ring of Honor.

Montego Blue was selected to the best five out of about 30 Group 1 dogs.


Place 3 - Not the Tervueren......

Place 2 - Not the Tervueren.....

Ok, still very proud being selected.....


Place 1 - THE Tervueren !!!!!!!


Volker deeply apologizes for his scream and Lena for her tears - it was purely joy and proudness about this unbelievable sucess.


Thank you, thank you, thank you........

Meisdorf, DE - BIG 1Meisdorf, DE - BIG 1




Today we received the official "SELECTION CERTIFICATE" from the BHCN in the Netherlands.

We are very proud about this honor.


23.05.2016 Great results for the „Blue Brothers“ in the Netherlands


The weekend 21./22.05.2016 we spent in Venlo and Sevenum (near Venlo).

Both clubs, NVBH and BHCN, held their special show's on one weekend.

In addition, our baby's , well Montego's puppies, do not live far from Venlo. Therefore we took the opportunity to visit them, too.

On Saturday, 21st, we started at the NVBH clubmatch in Venlo. Beautiful sunshine, perfect moods, Lena building up the tent in a new record time – perfect. Mr. Andersson, the swedish judge, placed Ontario Blue in Open Class on no.7 with an Exc and Montego Blue in Champion Class on 3rd place, with an Exc. Great results which made us very happy and proud.

This was followed by a drive to somewhere in the middle of nowhere to the breeder's home – Kennel Hautesse.

We knew that puppies are cute – but to see your own puppies for the very first time is an unbelievable overwhelming feeling. We are very happy about the perfect conditions, Montego's puppies can grow up in.

Unfortunately we were not allowed to take them all with us to the hotel.

On Sunday, 22nd, we started at the BHCN clubmatch in Sevenum. We expected heavy rain, but luckily the weather forecast was wrong and we only had some light showers. Our big plus was Lena again – she builded up 3 tents in 10 minutes – no chance for the rain to make us wet.

This time Ontario Blue was placed Exc2 in Open Class and Montego Blue was placed Exc2 in Champion Class by the judge, Mrs. Krug.. What an unexpected great result.

After the show we had the chance to enter the selection ring with both boys. And YES, Montego Blue was selected „Selectie exterieur (Se)“ by the selection judges of the BHCN. It made us unbelieveable proud to get honored by the dutch BHCN – THANK YOU!

Ontario Blue has to wait for the Se – don't be sad little boy.

It was a beautiful weekend with many talks to very nice people and we really enjoyed the hospatility of both clubs.

Thank you all again and „Tot ziens“.

Montego's PuppiesMontego's Puppies


19.05.2016 Gratulerer med fødselen 

Montego Blue is Daddy again. Today Dustin gave birth to 5 puppies in Bergen, Norway.

Vikholmens S2 litter, 3 girls (two red and one black), two boys (one red and one black) and Dustin is doing very well.

We are very proud !


07.05.2016 BSD Special Clubshow in Kandel

It was planned different, but circumstances made Lena and me drive to Kandel early Saturday morning.

We got sunburned but enjoyed a wonderful day at the Show, meeting and talking to friends and other people.

Hope to see you again soon.

Montego Blue was in a very good mood and achieved EX 1 in champion class

and the Reserve CAC. Judge was Mr. Roise Brice from France.

After the very long day Lena and me needed  SLEEP!

Montego Blue @ KandelMontego Blue @ Kandel


27.04.2016 The C-Litter is born

During a long lasting day on the 26th of April, Selena gave birth to 4 males and 4 females. 

Selena and the puppies are very well.

We are truly sad, that little No.9, a girl, was born being dead already. 

This litter will be the "C" Litter of the dutch kennel "Hautesse".



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